Wear a Ban

Wear-a-BAN workshop 2012

Dec 07, 2012

CAPDIG organized a second Wear-a-BAN workshop on 5th December 2012 to showcase the results of the Wear-a-BAN projects with demonstrators and videos. One press release was issued to promote the Wear a BAN workshop to local and national press media (date of publication: 30/11/2012).

The French speaking RTD partners of the project, CSEM, CEA and VOXLER, and also MOVEA, one end-user SME of the project were invited to present the Wear-a-BAN technologies and demonstrators to the 26 registered members of Cap Digital. At the workshop 14 SMEs, 2 large companies, 3 journalists , 3 research labs and universities, the Regional Council and a video game federation participated. The presence of 3 journalists (2 specialized magazines and 1 national newspaper) will ensure the results of the project are duly disseminated to a larger audience.

The workshop was a success and the quality of the presenters as well as the public allowed a very interesting and fruitful exchange around the project including synergies as one SME part of the audience was also involved in a similar national project about communication textiles. The workshop was also a good means to survey the members of CAPDIG about their interest to have access to the IPR. Less than a week after the workshop, 2 companies have already expressed their interest in the developed technologies.


The Wear-a-BAN project has received funding form the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme (Capacities, Research for the Benefit of SME Associations) managed by REA – Research Executive Agency under Grant Agreement No. 243473.