Wear a Ban

Wear-a-BAN Workshop 2011

Nov 16, 2011

CAPDIG organized a Wear-a-BAN workshop on 7th November 2011 together with Voxler in order to present the current state of the project to its videogames community. During this informal event, a discussion took place over the topic of video games and intelligent textiles, where the point was to exchange about the potential uses of the Wear-a-BAN technologies in the videogames sectors. Most of the questions were asked by scientists and addressed the technical issues related to the projects.

A similar workshop will be organized, when the project demonstrators are ready in order to show concretely the results of the project and attract more companies’ attention.

The Wear-a-BAN project has received funding form the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme (Capacities, Research for the Benefit of SME Associations) managed by REA – Research Executive Agency under Grant Agreement No. 243473.